The Smoking Acc. International Ltd. is a distributor, manufacturer and wholesaler of electronic peripheral products with more than a decade experience behind us.  

Our organisation is based in Hungary that our own salesforce team covers 100% regarding to the traditional trade and long-term agreement with our key partners. 


Our company is innovative and value driven in the business of: 

  • Lighting  
  • Batteries and Rechargeables 
  • Outdoor: Flashlight and headlamps as well as their accessories
  • FMCG and Toiletries 
  • Private label production

We are a B2B company striving to expand and to grow as a business by offering and developing products that are outstanding in the market for the following channels: 

  • Distributors 
  • Wholesalers 
  • Online sellers 
  • Chain stores and networks 
    • Electrical stores 
    • Food stores 
    • DIY stores 
    • Discount stores 
    • Furniture stores 
    • Pharmacies 
  • B2C (End-Users) 

Lighting: E-catalouge for lighting:


We operate various quality levels to serve all kind of needs from an entry-level to the high-end demands.

Besides the consumer/household needs, we are capable of providing complete solution for industrial lighting demands thanks to our durable products with „A” branded components, like Philips, Meanwell for chips and driver.



 Batteries: We distribute batteries in massive volume for the global brands:



Outdoor: We are capable to offer suitable products for different fields of usage like searching,hunting,running,hiking,camping.


Recommended steps for B2B Export access: 

1) Registration with European VAT number 

2) Waiting for approving your registration (quick process) 

3) Communicate with sales colleages to discuss the interesting ranges for having unique pricing. Target prices are always welcome! 

4) You may find your unique prices in "Special offer" menu-point

5) Set the quantites in Cart then confirm your ordering! 


If you have any further questions regarding our business or products please do not hesitate to contact us at anytime! 

English:  +36706706550